Bylaw review 2017

Council is currently reviewing the following bylaws. We are not proposing many changes to these bylaws as we feel they are currently working well but we are keen to hear what you think so please check out what the bylaws say and let us know what you think.


Land Transport

The Land Transport bylaw covers parking, road and footpath requirements and sets speed limits. It is proposed to introduce a 40 km/h variable speed limit at Firth Primary, Matamata Intermediate and Matamata Christian School and extend the 70 km/h speed limit on Hinuera Road (away from the state highway and school by approximately 20m). It is also proposed to extended the 70 km/h speed limit on Banks Road (30m from O’Sullivan Drive) and introduce requirements for accessible parking.

Proposed Land Transport Bylaw (PDF, 426KB)  Statement of Proposal - Land Transport Bylaw (PDF, 349KB)

Map - Hinuera proposed extension of speed limit (PDF, 92KB)  Map - Matamata Speed Limit Proposal 2017 (PDF, 569KB)


Solid Waste

The Solid Waste bylaw provides for collection and disposal of waste in an efficient and cost effective manner. We propose to adopt a new Waikato and Bay of Plenty regional bylaw for consistency with other councils, replacing our current bylaw.

Proposed Solid Waste Bylaw (PDF, 276KB)  Statement of Proposal - Solid Waste Bylaw (PDF, 338KB)



This bylaw manages stormwater to protect people, property and the environment from flooding and erosion. It is proposed to make some minor changes to definitions and clauses (e.g. to make reference to Council’s Development Manual).

Proposed Stormwater Management Bylaw (PDF, 390KB)  Statement of Proposal - Stormwater Bylaw (PDF, 347KB)


The Wastewater bylaw manages wastewater drainage from both domestic and trade premises into the wastewater system. We intend to make minor changes to bylaw definitions and clauses. Clauses dealing with building over sewer pipes have been amended and consolidated.

Proposed Wastewater Bylaw (PDF, 502KB)  Statement of Proposal - Wastewater Bylaw (PDF, 355KB)


This bylaw enables Council to provide water to the community. We propose to make some minor changes to update definitions and references.

Proposed Water Supply Bylaw (PDF, 637KB)  Statement of Proposal - Water Bylaw (PDF, 348KB)


Make a submission

The easiest way to make a submission is using our online submission form. Alternatively you can pop into any Council office or library and pick up a submission form, fill it out and drop it back into a Council office. Your submission on any of these documents needs to be received by 5pm, 26 April 2017.

A hearing will be held 17 May for submitters that wish to speak in support of their submission.

Submissions are now closed.


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