More food, less waste - win a compost bin

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We are focusing on waste reduction because small changes in our everyday lives can make a powerful difference to our environment. We’d love you to join us by making your New Year’s resolution to grow and eat more vegetables, and reduce waste at the same time.

One way we can reduce our waste is by composting - up to 50% of New Zealand’s residential rubbish is organic (such as food scraps and garden cuttings) that could easily be turned into valuable compost, to be used in the garden to grow vegetables, flowers and fruit trees - less waste, more food.

But not all organic waste can be composted the same way. Compost bins are good for old vegetables and fruit, shredded paper, garden prunings, grass and dead leaves. But unless you like rats, don’t give them a smorgasbord by adding cooked food to your bin. Worms in worm farms don’t like to eat citrus or onions, but they tuck into most other food scraps, and small amounts of paper.

We want to hear your best composting tips – and we’ll reward the most creative suggestion with a new compost bin. Join the conversation at