Check if building works need consent

If you are planning a building project and are unsure if you need consent, it pays to give Council a call. If you are doing work and don’t get the required approvals, you are potentially putting your occupants at risk in the event the building becomes unsafe.

You are also putting at risk your investment in the event of an insurance claim or if you tried to sell the property and the unconsented works were questioned. A purchaser is likely to take any unconsented works into account in the amount they offered. You will also need to bring it up to Building Code and the cost could be greater than the value of the original work.

Builders or plumbers who illegally undertake unconsented work are liable for fines and potentially delicensing.

To find out if your project needs consent, call our Building Helpline on 07 881 9050. There is also a helpful guide to exemptions from Building Consent on the Ministry of Building, Innovation and Employment website