Discolouration in Morrinsville Water Supply


We have received several complaints about discoloured water in different parts of Morrinsville over recent weeks. This discolouration is caused by higher than normal levels of iron and manganese, which occur naturally in our water supply. The recent heavy rain has also been contributing to this issue.

We have been investigating the problem and identified that the Water Treatment Plant is not operating as efficiently as it could be. We plan to make a number of improvements over the next few months, including purchasing additional equipment to monitor and more accurately manage chemical dosing for these elements. We believe this will solve the ongoing issue of discoloured water.

The levels of iron and manganese are well within the New Zealand Drinking Water Standards, so the water is still safe to drink.

If you have discoloured water, try running an outside tap for 10-15 minutes to flush your pipes. If the water still doesn't run clear after 15 minutes, give us a call on 0800 746 467 and we'll get someone to come and flush the main in your street.