Receive text reminders

If you’re a Spark or Vodafone customer we can send you text messages to remind you about important dates and keep you informed. Texts cost 20cents.

Civil Defence Alerts
Text any of the following options to 5801:

  • ‘subscribe emergency’ for emergency alerts for the whole district
  • ‘subscribe matamata’ for emergency alerts for the Matamata area
  • ‘subscribe morrinsville’ for emergency alerts for the Morrinsville area
  • ‘subscribe tearoha’ for emergency alerts for the Te Aroha area.

Recycling reminders
We’ll send you a text the day before reminding you to put your bins out - this is extra handy around public holidays.

  • Matamata, Walton, Tamihana, Waharoa - Text ‘subscribe zone3’ to 5801
  • Morrinsville, Waitoa, Waihou, Tahuna and Mangateparu - Text ‘subscribe zone1’ to 5801
  • Te Aroha - Text ‘subscribe zone2’ to 5801

Rates reminders
Do you lose track of the rates bill amongst the pile of letters on the bench? We can send you a text two or three days before your rates are due. To sign up, simply text ‘subscribe rates’ to 5801.



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