Need to Swap a Crate?

We want your crates!

Not your beer crates – we want your broken glass crates. Did you know, for health and safety reasons, our recycling contractors won’t empty your glass crate if it is over flowing, broken, cracked or has sharp edges?

So to avoid this happening, we have launched our own version of Crate Day, inviting anyone to swap their broken recycling glass crate with a new one for free.

To get a new crate, all you need to do is thoroughly clean the broken one and take it in to your local Council office before 14 December.  

If your crate has ‘disappeared’ or you want an additional crate, you can buy a replacement crate for $16.  

Here are a few tips to make sure your crate doesn’t go walkies, and your glass gets recycled:

  • • Write your name and address all over your crate
  • • Ask your neighbours if they will adopt a couple of your bottles for their crate
  • • Keep the bottles that won’t fit in your full crate in a safe place for the next collection


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