Draft General Policies Reserve Management Plan

Matamata-Piako District Council is seeking feedback on our draft General Policies Reserve Management Plan.

The current General Policies RMP was adopted by Council in 2009. Reserve management plans should be reviewed to take into account changing circumstances and new information. Our Council has started the process of comprehensively reviewing the General Policies Reserve Management Plan to ensure it is relevant and up to date and takes in the needs of our communities, now and into the future.

You can read the current General Policies Reserve Management Plan here: www.mpdc.govt.nz/plans/reserve-management-plans

You can read the draft General Policies Reserve Management Plan 2019 here.

The consultation period runs from 20 February to 22 April 2019, submissions can be made online here www.mpdc.govt.nz/haveyoursay , by writing to:

General Policies Reserve Management Plan Review
Matamata-Piako District Council
35 Kenrick Street
Te Aroha 3320

Or by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A hearing will be held for those who wish to present their submission in person. This is likely to be in May and will be advertised closer to the time.

What are Reserve Management plans and why do we have them?

The development of reserve management plans is a requirement of the  Reserves Act 1977. Reserve management plans outline our general intentions for the use, development, maintenance, protection and preservation of our reserves through a series of objectives and policies.

Our reserve management plan seeks to balance the protection of natural resources with the provision of appropriate recreational opportunities for the local and wider community.

Our reserve management plan sets objectives and policies which apply to all reserves managed by our Council.  The plan shows clearly how we will manage our reserves network and the factors considered when making management decisions.

Why review the reserve management plans?

The reserve management plan is ten years old and some of the information may not be relevant, as our communities needs and expectations of our reserves may have changed in that time. We need to address some new issues like freedom camping, UAVs (‘drones’) and waste minimisation.


We also want to make some changes the layout of the document to make it more user-friendly and easier to understand. There are updates that are needed due to changes to legislation and the names of some government agencies that have happened during the ten years since the plan was adopted.

Also, where practicable, we want to avoid or reduce duplication with other Council policies and processes.