Natural Environment Indicators


  • Area of indigenous vegetation removed per annum
  • Abundance and distribution of plant and animal pests
  • Isolation and fragmentation of indigenous ecosystems
  • Annual change in the surface elevation of the Kopuatai Peat Dome
  • Number of resource consents applied for / granted for excavation or other activity within the Kaitiaki (Conservation) Zone



  • Area of exotic forestry within the Kaitiaki (Conservation) Zone
  • Area and distribution of indigenous vegetation
  • Health and condition of natural areas assessed by health/condition classification
  • Community attitude / awareness of natural areas
  • Area of peat soil
  • Area of the Kopuatai Peat Dome
  • Change in landscape types identified by the landscape study
  • Population numbers of indigenous species



  • Area of significant trees or indigenous vegetation fenced to prevent grazing
  • Area and percentage of natural areas (by type) legally protected through consent conditions or other methods
  • Number of members of community participating in landcare groups
  • Location, area and type of pest control operation
  • Area and percentage of natural areas ecologically surveyed