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Parks and Open Spaces Strategy 2021-51


We've reviewed our Parks and Open Spaces Strategy – the strategy that guides what types of parks and spaces we provide, how many there are, where they are located, and how we look after them for the next 30 years. This strategy will influence how we provide, develop and manage our open spaces for years to come.


What’s happened so far

In July 2020 we asked the community about ‘your vision for the places that you play’ – this helped identify the key issues and opportunities we need to address.

See the summary of what you told us

We listened to your feedback, developed some responses/options and ran a second survey to see if we were on the right track, as well as workshop sessions around the district. 

See the summary of what you told us the second time round

We also formed a Tangata Whenua working party through our Te Mana Whenua Forum. 

We received submissions on the draft strategy from 16 March to 19 April 2021. On 12 May 2021 submitters were able to speak to our councillors about their submissions. There was strong support among the submitters for the vision, principles and goals of the strategy.

The startegy was adopted on 30 June 2021, and became operative on 1 July 2021.

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