Matamata Heritage Trail

If you enjoy trees, gardens and parks, the Matamata Heritage Trail will introduce you to the magnificent horticultural heritage planted and cared for by past and present residents.

Most of the buildings and gardens are private property and the owner’s privacy should be respected.

For this trail of 5.3km, it is estimated that the walking time for the full length will be 1 hour and 40 minutes. An alternative is to drive this trail or walk parts of it. The trail starts at the Matamata Information Centre. Scroll through to read about all the sites on the trail.

Matamata Heritage Trail Site 1 - Railway Plantation Site 2 - Broadway Central Plots Site 3 - Bank of New Zealand Site 4 - Bedford Park Site 5 - Tainui Street Entrance Site 6 - Centennial Drive Site 7 - Viola Bell Magnolia Grove Site 8 - Tamihana Street Waterfall and Rose Garden Site 9 - The Native Block and Fernery Site 10 - Tamihana's Totara Tree Site 11 - Firth's Oaks and Plane Trees site 12 - Holy Angels Catholic Church Site 13 - All Saints Anglican Church Site 14 - Broadway Entrance Site 15 - Matamata Primary School Site 16 - Price House Site 17 - Centennial Drive North Site 17 - Centennial Drive North Site 17 - Centennial Drive North Site 18 - Founders' Park Site 19 - Rawhiti Rest Home Site 20 - Jim Gardiner Grove