Keeping our water safe

Our water goes through a series of processes to make sure it’s safe for you to drink. After screening and filtration all major water supplies use chlorine to disinfect the water by binding and rupturing any potentially harmful microorganisms. Chlorine goes on destroying any bugs long after the water has left the treatment plant, protecting your water while in the pipes. Pathogens are very sensitive to chlorine so we don’t need to use a lot. The chlorine dosage is continuously monitored at the water treatment plant and daily samples are taken from the pipes in town.

For the smaller supply at Te Aroha West we use an ultraviolet lamp (UV) to sterilize the water. Chlorine and UV are the most cost efficient way to treat small water supplies, like those in the Matamata-Piako district.

All our water supplies are independently tested at least every 10 days for E. coli, in addition to the filtration and chlorine we use. We have backup generators to make sure there is always power and we have about one day of treated water stored at our major supplies in case of emergency.

We do regular maintenance and checks to ensure our pipes and tanks are in good condition and we are replacing old pipes continuously.

You can be confident that your drinking water is safe for you and your family.

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