Making small changes can make a powerful difference

rubbish 01

The rubbish bag system is changing. From 1 July 2018, payment for one year’s supply of rubbish bags will no longer be charged through your rates. Instead, you can buy as many, or as few, official MPDC bags as you need, from the supermarket or other retailer, or directly from the council, at an office or online at

Buying rubbish bags makes people think about how many they really need, and whether they could save money (and the environment) by recycling or composting some of that waste. Most councils around New Zealand distribute their rubbish bags through retailers.

At the moment extra bags cost $3 each. From July we’re going to reduce that to $2 per bag. The rubbish and recycling portion of your rates will go down from $153 to around $30. You will be paying less overall for rubbish and recycling services, even if you don’t reduce the number of bags you put out. For further information go to