Change is Here

From July 1 rubbish bags became user pays and were removed from the rates.

The rubbish and recycling portion of your rates went down from $153 to $30. We aim to reduce the amount of waste going into landfill and buying your own bags makes you aware of how many you really need.

There are many ways you can reduce household rubbish, such as recycling soft plastics (like plastic bags and clean gladwrap) at selected supermarkets, recycle items 1-7 in your bin (remember to wash your tins) and unbroken glass in the green crate. Consider a worm farm or compost bin for garden waste and fruit and vegetable scraps. 

Bags are available for purchase from Council offices in Te Aroha, Morrinsville and Te Aroha at, and at supermarkets and other retailers.

If you would like to learn more or read about the Council's approach to waste minimisation, please follow the link Here.

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