New and improved GIS Geographical Information System

Finding your mapping data on our website just took a giant step into the future, as we rolled out our new and improved GIS (Geographical Information System) last week

The new system is much easier to use than our previous GIS, letting users search for properties by address, road, legal description or title, as well as zooming and panning with ease.

The new GIS also includes fifteen new maps that provide access to a vast range of information - such as new 2018 Aerial Imagery, District Plan data and even Tourism and Recreational information. Plus it is customisable and compatible with your smart phone so you can take your maps with you wherever you go.

Here are some clever new features you could try:

  • Double up the maps and make the top one translucent so you can see what's underneath (e.g. view the pipes over an aerial map so you can see exactly where they run).
  • Filter parcel data to find only parcels under 500m2.
  • Check your neighbour's boundary and see where all those pipes are.
  • Make your own maps, add them together, and saving them so you can return at any time to examine what you have made.

Keen to check it out? head to the GIS page and accept the terms and conditions to get started!

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