Iconic tree on Centennial Drive to come down


A large Beech tree on Centennial Drive ( between Tawa and Tamihana Streets), Matamata lost a large limb on Christmas Day. Further assessment by Arborcare has indicated that the tree needs to be removed.

The large fallen limb was left hanging in the tree, and was reported to Council Christmas morning. Danger tape and cones were placed around the tree to prevent public access while awaiting inspection from tree specialists Arborcare.

Following the inspection the fallen limb was removed. Further assessment showed the two remaining trunks of the tree were leaning dangerously toward a house on the opposite side from where the limb was lost.

Remedial work has been undertaken to secure the remaining two trunks of the tree. The remedial work included removing remaining weight out of the limbs to prevent further falls. Strapping the two trunks together was also done to secure the tree until further work can be undertaken.

Arborcare recommended that the remainder of the tree be removed in the regard for public safety. This work will require a large crew and a crane and is scheduled to be started early in the New Year.

“Difficult as it is to comprehend needing to remove this iconic tree, we can’t risk having the tree come down on its own and potentially hurting someone,” says Mayor Jan Barnes.

Mayor Jan also asks the community to give the tree a wide berth and be vigilant when the crew are on site removing the tree.

Centennial Drive Tree 500x280