Who will win the Superhero Smackdown?

A superhero smackdown is coming to the District Libraries.

While these caped crusaders, Amazon goddesses and dark knights won’t be leaping across buildings, stopping bullets or using lassos of truth, they will be on the defence.

These school holidays the Matamata-Piako Libraries will be holding a new holiday activity sessions aimed at finding out which superhero will rule them all.

Morrinsville Library Team Leader Heather Furniss said the theme of this activity followed on from term two’s Tournament of Books.

“We have the public select their favourite out of a pair of books until only one remains. This year our theme is superheroes/graphic novels, so we’ve expanded on that,” she said.     

Currently competing for graphic novel world domination is Spider-Man vs Avengers Prelude. This contest will conclude Friday 5 July, so there is still time to cast a vote. 

Throughout the sessions each participant will test their creativity, evaluate their flexibility, prove their graphic design skills and investigate their team work skills to determine if they are a lone ranger or an Avenger.

“In each session there will be something to make, and take home, as well as an activity to participate in, all based around the world of superheroes,” said Heather. “In session one we explore which superhero we want to become and in session two we expand on that by developing their super powers. We are excited to see how the superheroes will evolve and what they will be capable of.”      

Heather said the holiday activity is for children aged 5-13 years, and they or their parents don’t have to be members of our libraries.

“We really want to encourage anyone to come along and get involved, it’s a great way to beat the holiday boredom and explore your creativity. If you aren’t a member, while the kids are enjoying themselves, feel free to talk to the librarians about how to sign up to the library, peruse the books, magazines and newspapers and look into all our online resources.”

The library has another holiday activity arranged for October and the annual Summer Reading Programme is also under development.

“Unlike librarian stereotypes seen on TV, our libraries are a creative space and there are so many resources to help children and students cultivate that,” said Heather.

The sessions are on at all three libraries in the district each week day from 8 - 19 July. Registrations are essential by phoning 07 889 8388 or visit www.matamatapiakolibraries.co.nz.     

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