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Council awards contract for new kerbside collections

Waste Management NZ has been awarded the solid waste contract to run our district’s kerbside collections, including implementing a food waste collection for the next 10 years starting in September 2023.

Waste Management NZ was selected following a robust procurement and tender evaluation process.

“At approximately $21.5 million over the next 10 years, this is a significant contract for our district,” says  Mayor Ash Tanner.

“Congratulations to Waste Management NZ who our Council is looking forward to working with to reduce the environmental impact of waste services over the next 10 years,” says Mayor Ash. “They were able to demonstrate how they will invest, innovate and facilitate solutions for waste collection and divert material away from landfill.”

The new service will commence in September 2023 and will include:

  • A 25-litre residential food waste bin – collected weekly
  • A 120-litre wheelie bin for rubbish – collected fortnightly
  • Continued fortnightly kerbside collection of glass and recycling (same as the current service).

“I also want to acknowledge and thank Smart Environmental for the very good work they have done over the last nine years in delivering our current services.”