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The purpose of the Creative Communities New Zealand Scheme (CCNZS) is to increase access and participation in arts & culture by supporting local arts & culture activities.


Any group, organisation or individual can apply for support from CCNZS, provided the project has arts & culture content. Before you rush off to submit your application, check out the following criteria that your arts & culture project has to comply with. The project:

  • has to take place within the Matamata-Piako District, or
  • has to benefit the residents of the Matamata-Piako District
  • has not started before the date when the funding decision will be made
  • has not already received funding from Creative New Zealand
  • is not a school project that falls under the education curriculum.


The assessment committees will consider your application at three levels of priority:

  • First priority is participation – does the project create opportunities for people to become actively involved in arts & culture?
  • The next priority is increase of community interest in arts & culture – does it introduce people to art forms and arts & culture experiences that are new to them?
  • Finally, enhancement and strengthening of the local arts & culture sector – these are projects that strengthen and develop organisational structures that support local art activities, as well as the personnel involved, e.g. training opportunities.


The following list includes examples of what types of arts & culture activities may be funded:

  • events, such as festivals
  • personnel costs for one-off short-term projects
  • costs associated with artists in residence schemes
  • tuition for young artists/performers
  • arts-related promotional activities
  • materials necessary for an arts event or activity
  • seminars, workshops for local artists and arts groups
  • equipment, provided it is related to an arts activity – however no more than 50% of the cost of any item that has been applied for will be funded
  • dance with an arts and culture focus, such as ballet, tap, jazz etc.


If you are still not quite sure whether your project will make the grade, check out the following examples of projects that are NOT eligible for CCNZS funding:

  • Facility development – such as building or building materials, or items needed to make your facility fully functional, such as furnishings, floor covering, whiteware and crockery
  • The purchase of artworks
  • Arts activities in schools that fall under the education curriculum and thus would normally be funded from the schools’ operating budget
  • Retrospective costs – when your project has already been completed
  • To pay off debts
  • Fund-raising and catering costs

To make as application, see our Creative Communities Funding page.