Local Governance Statement

The Local Government Act 2002 requires Council to adopt a Local Governance Statement.

This statement is a collection of information about the processes through which Council engages with the community, how decisions are made, and how the citizens can influence those processes.

It helps support the purposes of local government by promoting local democracy and does this by providing the public with information on the ways to influence local democratic processes.


You can view a pdf of the Local Governance Statement (pdf, 448KB) here or view the html version below.



1. Introduction

1.1  The Local Government Act 2002
1.2  The Matamata-Piako District Council Local Governance Statement

2. Community Access to Council

2.1 Contacting Council
2.2 Contacting Your Elected Representative


3. Council's Purpose, Responsibilities and Actions

3.1 Purpose
3.2 Principles relating to Local Authority

3.3 Council Activities


4.  Members Roles and Conduct

4.1 The Role of Elected Members
4.2 The Role of the Mayor
4.3 The Role of the Deputy Mayor
4.4 The Code of Conduct
4.5 Laws that apply to Elected Members

4.5.1 The Local Government Act 2002
4.5.2 The Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987
4.5.3 The Local Authorities (Members Interests) Act 1968
4.5.4 Common Law – Non-pecuniary Interests
4.5.5 The Securities Act 1978
4.5.6 The Crimes Act 1961

     4.5.7 Secret Commissions Act 1910


5. Governance Structures

5.1 Governance
5.2 Delegated Authority
5.3 Council Committees and Commissioners
5.4 Sub Committees

5.5 Representation on other committees


6. Organisational Structure

6.1 The Chief Executive Officer ("CEO")
6.2 Council Division Structure


7. Key Council Policies and Plans

7.1 The Consultation Policy
7.2 The Long Term Plan
7.3 The Annual Plan
7.4 The Annual Report
7.5 Maori Liaison Policy
7.6 Equal Employment Opportunities Policy
7.7 The Matamata-Piako Operative District Plan 2005

8. Requesting Information from Council

9. Council’s Meeting Process

9.1 The Local Government Act 2002
9.2 The Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987
9.3 Standing Orders

10. The Electoral System

10.1 First Past the Post and Single Transferable Vote
10.2 Changing the Electoral System
10.3 Representation Arrangements
10.4 Maori Wards
10.5 The Reorganisation Process


11. Legislation

11.1 Acts of Parliament
11.2 Local Legislation
11.3 Council Bylaws

Appendix I

Contact Details for the Mayor and Councillors


Appendix II

Contact Details for Te Manawhenua Forum Members