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General kerbside service FAQs


Please see info about new kerbside services here, including what goes in your bins.


Where should I be disposing of batteries (lithium or any other type)?

You can take them to any one of our refuse transfer stations to dispose. We are getting battery recycling sheds up and running at the moment.


My rubbish or recycling hasn't been collected - what should I do?

All rubbish and recycling needs to be placed at kerbside by 7.30am and all recycling items must be compliant.

Check you have the correct day. From time to time collection days may change. This information can be found on our website, in the recycling calendar or you can contact Customer Services on 0800 746 467.

The recycling truck is the slowest of all the collection vehicles as it takes time to sort the glass, plastic and tins. This means the truck may still be operating after 5pm. If your whole street hasn't been collected yet, there is a good chance the truck is running late. If you think just your bin has been missed, report it on the Antenno App or call 0800 746467 as soon as possible so we can try and arrange for the contractors to return and collect it. If your bin still has not been collected by night, take it in overnight and we will ensure that it is picked up at the next collection.

Recycling items can be taken to any transfer station with no additional charge.


What should I do if things go wrong?

If you have a problem with your collection or if you wish to know more just phone your local council office.


What happens when I move house?

If you are moving house or flat, you must leave the rubbish and recycling bins supplied to that property for the next owners or tenants.


How do I get my rubbish bags?

You can no longer purchase official council rubbish bags or put them out for collection after 1 September 2023. 

You will still be able to drop off the official MPDC bags free of charge at Refuse Transfer Stations until 31 August 2024. From 1 September 2024 any bag up to 60 litres will be charged at the current rate for that year. The 2023/24 rate is $5.50 however this is reviewed annually and may increase in line with the increase set by government for waste sent to landfill.

If you want to use up your old council rubbish bags, you can put them (or any other bag) inside your red rubbish bin.


Who owns the bins?

The bins are not owned by residents, but are allocated by Council to reside at an individual property (or rateable unit). All wheelie-bins have a unique ID that can be scanned to identify what property the bin is allocated to. If a wheelie-bin is misplaced or stolen, we can find out where it belongs if it is recovered at another address.


How can I tow my wheelie-bin to the kerbside? 

We know many people live on hills or have long drive ways or both. If you need to tow your wheelie bin to the kerbside by car, you can purchase special wheelie bin tow bar attachments. Talk to one of our Customer Services team for more information.


Do you still have questions? Call our Customer Services team on 0800 746 467.