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Mokena Geyser Access

Mokena Geyser access

This short walk, located between the spas and cafe, gives access to the Mokena Geyser (the only natural soda water geyser in the world). The Mokena bore currently produces 28,000 litres per day of water at between 75-85°C. It is named after the Māori chief, Mokena Te Hau, who once owned the Domain land. Main access to the geyser is up a steep path, however, the Mokena Geyser Access offers an alternative route that is paved and only slightly sloped making it ideal for people with physical disabilities, or parents with pushchairs. The thermal soda water is used in the nearby spa pools, which are a major tourist attraction. There is also a cafe by the southern entrance or plenty of areas in the domain to enjoy a picnic.


Easy Access Short WalkEasy Access Short Walk

Time 5 minutes (one way)
Distance 80m
Track Rating Easy
Conveniences Parking, picnicking, playground, and public toilets available at the Te Aroha Domain
Special Attractions View the Mokena Geyser, the only natural soda water geyser in the world. The Te Aroha Leisure Pools and Te Aroha Mineral  Spas are located in the Te Aroha Domain


Map of Mokena Geyser access