Water Notices

Water Shutdown Notice - Studholme Street, Morrinsville

Date: Tuesday 2 July 2019
Start Time: 6am
Stop Time: 10am

Fibre Networks will be shutting down the water supply to the following properties between the hours shown above:

Studholme Street:

Brews, Envirochem, Yellow Car Wash, Barber, Internet Shop, Bakery/Café, Super Clearance Shop, Laundromat, Internet Shop,

Thames Street:

Sportsworld, Topgear, Smoothkutz, Dental Centre, Village Kitchen, Health 2000, Chances, Golden Kiwi, Kip McGrath, Telfor Young, Gayles, You Travel, Thai Delight, Sheer Delight.

This is to connect the new pipework recently installed in your area, unfortunately this will also affect the water supply in this area

Staff may need to enter your property to flush water from an outside tap to prevent dirty water / turbidity entering your property. When the water returns it is recommended to run a cold water tap for a few minutes to eliminate any remaining air or dirty water in the line. If the water appears milky continue to flush lines until this clears, this is caused by pockets of air becoming compressed and entering the water. This is perfectly safe. 

The shutdown times stated above allow for installation of planned works, re-filling and flushing mains + laterals. Your water may return before the stop time stated above. However, due to circumstances beyond our control (equipment failure or other unforeseen circumstances) can cause the shutdown to extend beyond the times stated. We apologise in advance should this occur 

If you or a member of your household depend on water for critical medical support that requires a continuation of water supply – please contact one of the numbers below. Please ensure you make alternative arrangements should you require water during the times stated above.

If you have any queries regarding this shutdown, please do not hesitate to contact any of the phone numbers below:

Fibre Networks NZ Ltd:    (07) 889 6075

Matamata Piako District Council:    (07) 884 0060      

Studholme Street 2 Jul 19