Our Community Our Future

Long-Term Council Community Plan 2009-2019

This Our Community Our Future plan will guide Council's work today, tomorrow and in the future. The plan details Council's plans and objectives for the next 10 years, (2009 – 2019), which include plans for our traditional services along with any new proposals. It also details the cost involved and the impact this will have on our ratepayers.

The final plan was adopted on June 24, 2009 and came into effect on July 1, 2009.

The final plan is produced in two volumes:

  • Volume One - summarises each of Council's activities and major proposals. Includes information on the financial impact of each of these activities, provides detailed information on community outcomes - what the community wants for the future of the district as identified through public consultation. Along with detailed information on each of Council's activities - including the service provided, why it is provided, new projects, how service will be measured and the effects of the service.
  • Volume Two -  provides financial statements and information on Council's policies that guide the activities in Volume One and Two


Summary (pdf, 919KB)


Volume One

Introduction (pdf, 854KB)

Part 1 - Matamata-Piako District today (pdf, 209KB)

Part 2 - Decisions for the future (pdf, 1.1mb)

Part 3 - Matamata-Piako District tomorrow (pdf, 1.4KB)

Part 4 - Groups of activities (pdf, 293KB)

Part 5 - Support services (pdf, 244KB)

Part 6 - General Information (pdf, 948KB)


Volume Two

Contents (pdf, 245KB)

Part 1 - Financial Statements and Information (pdf, 752KB)

Part 2 - Policies (pdf, 3.8mb)

Part 3 - Council Controlled Organisations (pdf, 425KB)