Hairdressers/Funeral Directors/Camping Grounds

Business premises that have the potential to put public health at risk, must be registered with the Council.

• Hairdresser Shop
• Camping Ground
• Funeral Directors
• Mortuary



All hairdressing establishments are required to be registered. This section contains information for business owners to meet the minimum standards for registration.
To receive a Certificate of Registration, the premise must comply with the structural and sanitary requirements set down in the Health (Hairdressers) Regulations 1980. The certificate of registration needs to be displayed in a public part of the premises.

New premises must also have a code compliance certificate as required under the Building Act 2004 and meet all other legislation requirements before final approval can be given. You are encouraged to apply for a PIM (project information memorandum) early on in your planning to establish the feasibility and design of the project.


Camping Grounds 

Camping grounds must be registered and inspected by a council inspector under the Health (Registration of Premises) Regulations 1966 they also must comply with the Camping Grounds Regulations 1985 before we can approve registration.


Funeral Directors

Mortuaries and funeral director businesses need registration and inspection.
Mortuaries must comply with the Health (Registration of premises) Regulations 1966 and funeral directors must comply with the Health (Burial) Regulations 1946.


How to apply for Registration of Premises

  1. Contact the Matamata-Piako District Council to discuss your requirements with the Environmental Health Officer.
  2. The Environmental Health Officer will inspect your premises prior to registration.
  3. Once the Environmental Health Officer confirms that the premises complies with regulations, you can then apply for registration.

Registrations must be renewed annually and are subject to regular inspections to comply with Health Regulations.

Funeral Directors and Mortuaries annually on 31 May
Hairdressers and Camping Grounds annually on 30 June
Once a premises is registered by Council, the certificate of registration must be openly displayed in a public part of the premises.


Taking over an existing premises

If you take over an existing premise that is currently registered, you need to fill out the application for registration form and pay the change of occupier fee. It is important that you do this as soon as possible after taking over the premises.