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Who represents you?

We are required by law to review our ‘representation arrangements’ at least every six years to ensure our community is fairly and effectively represented. This includes reviewing things like the number of Councillors and wards we have, whether each Councillor represents roughly the same number of people in the district, and whether we should have community boards. We’re proposing to stick with the same ward boundaries, number of Councillors, and  to continue with no community boards for the next two Council elections.

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Resource Consent Application for proposed quarry at 153, Hill Road, Te Aroha

We have received an application for resource consent to establish a quarry at 153 Hill Road, Te Aroha. The applicant is seeking consent to establish a quarry to supply aggregate for local farm tracks and is proposing to operate five days per week, for approximately 20 years.  

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Long Term Plan

Submissions for the Long Term Plan closed on 29 April. A hearing was held on Wednesday 16 May 2018 at the Council Chambers, 35 Kenrick Street Te Aroha for those who indicated on their submission that they wished to present their submission in person. Copies of the decisions, documents and the hearing documents are available below.

Long Term Plan decisions

 Background information:

To view the agenda for the hearing held on Wednesday 16 May, please click here.


Plan Your Town

We are currently reviewing our District Plan one section at a time. For further information on the sections that have been reviewed or are currently being reviewed, look at the Plan Your Town page.


Stay informed

Council makes decisions that affect everyone in our community. To ensure Council is making decisions that reflect what the community wants and needs, we need your input. Providing us with feedback is one way residents can make a positive contribution to the Matamata-Piako District and help Council to remain fair and effective. Sign up for email notifications about the town, topics or documents that you're interested in. We promise to only send you emails when we have something important to share (i.e. you won't get emails from us every day or every week), and you can subscribe to new lists or unsubscribe as it suits you.