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We are moving to a new GIS system in the next couple of months. The new system has different tools and features available - instructions for these will be available here. If you have this page saved or bookmarked, you may also need to update your link to continue accessing GIS when the new system is launched. 

Important Notice for Google Chrome users

A recent update to Google Chrome requires that you set the permissions for flash to always run in order for the webmap interface to work properly. Follow the below instructions in how to set the permissions. Read all of the instructions before proceeding. 

  1. Load the GIS Page (click I agree - launch maps); when the page has loaded you will see a message "Please download the Adobe Flash viewer for your browser."
  2. Click on the (i) symbol in the Chrome address bar

    gis webmap help 1

  3. Click on the permission for "Flash" which may be set to "Ask (default)" and change it to "Always allow on this site". If you don't see an option for Flash, click on "Site Settings" at the bottom of the drop down and it should be there.

    gis webmap help 2

  4. Click off the information window (containing the list of permissions) and you will be prompted to reload the page.
    gis webmap help 3
  5. The GIS webmap should now load correctly.


Important Notice for Adobe Flash Player users

Adobe Flash Player v27.0.0.170 will cause WebMap to fail. If rolling back to an earlier version, go back to version 130. This beta release seems to fix it.

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General Conditions

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