Natural Environment

The Condition of Our Native Vegetation

As part of the identification of areas of significant native vegetation within the district the condition of the vegetation was also assessed. Vegetation units were given a rating between 1 (very poor condition) and 5 (excellent condition). The average condition was 2.36. Only 6 of the 667 units of vegetation surveyed were considered to be in an excellent condition.

 In 1840, 95% of the district was covered in native vegetation; this figure is now 15%, most of which is in the Kaimai ranges. Through provisions of the District Plan, Council is attempting to manage the natural environment; this includes zoning and putting methods in place for the protection of areas of significance.

The maps below show the historic (around 1840, on the left) and current (right) extent of native forest, scrub and tussock in the Waikato Region.


Change in forest and scrub 

From the 2013 Waikato Regional Perception Survey, 73.5 per cent of respondents in the Matamata-Piako District were satisfied with ‘community treatment of your district’s natural assets’.