Network Utility Indicators


  • Quantity of stormwater discharged from Council services per annum
  • Quantity of sewage treated by Council services
  • Quantity of water consumed per annum
  • Number of new utilities granted resource consent per annum (e.g. windmills, satellite dishes, telecommunications aerials)



  • Level of compliance with resource consent conditions achieved by Council infrastructure e.g. stormwater
  • Area of reserves under Council management
  • Quality of drinking water (Ministry of Health Standards)
  • Length, number and state of Council infrastructure
  • Incidence of water shortage restrictions
  • % increase in water consumption
  • % increase in the quantity of stormwater discharged
  • % increase in the amount of sewerage treated



  • Amount of overhead cable undergrounded by power companies per annum
  • Co-siting of facilities
  • Amount of Council spending on maintenance and upgrades of urban services
  • % of the community that receive education material regarding water conservation
  • Number and value of development contributions collected per annum i.e. reserve, water, stormwater, roading etc