Works and Network Utilities

What can consumers do to assist Council with our environmental obligations?


  • Try not to waste water unnecessarily. Every drop of water coming from Council reticulation systems has been treated and this is expensive.
  • Fix leaking taps & valves a soon as possible.
  • Conserving water helps the environment by leaving more water in streams & rivers.


  • Do not connect down pipes or stormwater drains to the sewerage system (gully traps).
  • Up to 75% of sewage pumped & treated during wet weather is directly related to stormwater infiltration. This costs Council (and ratepayers) thousands of dollars per year.


  • Don’t dispose of waste down stormwater drains.
  • Water running out onto the road ends up in our rivers & waterways. Wash the car on the grass, not the driveway.

How are we Doing?

Anticipated Environmental Results

Works & network utilities


  • AchievingAchieving
  • Progress towards achievementProgress towards achievement
  • Not AchieveingNot Achieving
  • Not MonitoredNot Monitored
Efficient use of land for utilities Not Monitored
The management of buffer areas around certain utilities Achieving
Efficient provision of infrastructure by Council Progress towards  achievement
Protection of land and assets from floods and poor drainage Not Monitored

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