Herries Memorial Park

This park is located on the eastern bank of the Waihou River in Te Aroha. The main entrance is off Rewi Street.

The park is roughly divided into the southern area, which is leased for grazing and includes a Go-cart track, and the northern area, which is used for athletics, public rest rooms and a children’s playground. 


The land was originally donated to the people of Te Aroha by Mokena Hou. The Herries Memorial Park was established by funds left by Sir William Herries. The park was named after Sir William Herries who was a Member of Parliament for the Tauranga Electorate (from 1896 – 1923) and a Piako County Councillor.

Te Aroha Athletics Club

The Athletics club has been using Herries Memorial Park for over 60 years. They use the park during the summer months and have their clubhouse on the reserve.

Te Aroha Go-Kart Club

The go-kart club uses the lower southern part of the park from November to May each year.  Meetings are held every third Sunday, weather permitting.