Plasback and Silage Wrap

Plasback  operates Agpac’s Product Stewardship scheme to recover used farm plastics for recycling.  Plasback  came to New Zealand in 2006, and has gone from strength to strength. Operating their original bin and liner system, which when combined with on farm collection, has contributed to Plasback not only running a simple and effective system but has meant over 2000 tonnes of waste collected since the scheme’s inception 6 years ago! 

As part of our continued commitment to Product Stewardship we now operate two purpose built balers designed to improve the onward transport logistics from our main centres to the recycling plants, and have introduced  new products made from recycled plastics, Tuff Board, Tuff Deck, Eco Sheet and Plaswood. We have a reliable network of Contractors who run the collections, and cover the whole of New Zealand.

Plasback was the first product stewardship scheme for agriculture to receive accreditation from the Ministry for the Environment. 

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