Rubbish FAQs

Each property that is rated for refuse is issued with a green Matamata-Piako green crate (for glass recycling), a black and yellow wheelie bin (for plastic, tins and paper recycling), and an annual supply of 52 black rubbish bags. Rubbish is collected weekly, and recycling is collected fortnightly - go to the rubbish and recycling page for more info on collection days.


What goes in the wheelie bin?

  • Clean plastic (grades 1-7)
  • Clean tins/cans (including spray cans/aerosol cans)
  • Paper and cardboard

The following items are not recyclable. If these items are included in your recycling it will be stickered for non-compliance and will mean your recycling won’t be collected: liquids, rubbish, ceramics, crockery, porcelain, hot ashes, oven ware, food waste, polystyrene, bubble wrap, garden waste, electrical goods, engine oil bottles, automotive parts, disposable nappies, paint and chemicals.


What goes in my green crate?

Your green recycling crate is used for recycling glass (all colours). You can purchase replacement crates from any Council office for $16 each. If you need extra space for recycling glass once in a while our contractors will accept glass bottles in a similar crate. Just make sure the 'crate' is easy to pick up and is no more than 45L (fish bins are about 60-80L, and rubbish bins and small wheelie bins are 70-80L - glass put out in these won't be collected).


My recycling hasn't been collected - what should I do?

All rubbish and recycling needs to be placed at kerbside by 7.30am and all recycling items must be compliant.

Check you have the correct day. From time to time collection days may change. This information can be found on our website, in the recycling calendar, signs around town or you can contact Customer Services on 0800 746467.

The recycling truck is the slowest of all the collection vehicles as it takes time to sort the glass, plastic and tins. This means the truck may still be operating after 5pm. If your whole street hasn't been collected yet, there is a good chance the truck is running late. If you think just your bin has been missed, call 0800 746467 as soon as possible so we can try and arrange for the contractors to return and collect it. If your bin still has not been collected by night, take it in overnight and we will ensure that it is picked up at the next collection.

Rubbish in Matamata-Piako District Bags and recycling items can be taken to any transfer station free of charge.


What should I do if things go wrong?

If you have a problem with your collection or if you wish to know more just phone your local council office.


Can I get extra bags?

If you are a refuse rated property, then your rates pay for supply, collection, transport and disposal of 52 bags per year. If you require more bags, you can purchase them from your local Council Office and some local supermarkets at a cost of $3.00 each.


What happens when I move house?

If you are moving house or flat, you must leave the rubbish bags and recycling bins supplied to that property for the next owners or tenants.


How do I get my rubbish bags?

Ratepayers are sent a voucher during June that entitles them to a supply of 52 bags. The ratepayer can then collect their allocation from any one of the three district Council offices in Te Aroha, Matamata and Morrinsville. Rubbish in Matamata-Piako District Bags and recycling items can be taken to any transfer station free of charge.

From 1 July 2018 the voucher system is changing to buying your rubbish bags directly rather than through your rates – see our Rubbish Bag Changes page for more details.


Who owns the wheelie bin?

The wheelie-bins aren't owned by residents, but are allocated by the Councils to reside at an individual property (rateable unit). All bins have a unique ID that can be scanned to identify what property the wheelie-bin is allocated to. If a wheelie-bin is misplaced or stolen, we can find out where it belongs if it is recovered at another address.


Can I order a smaller wheelie bin?

If you're finding your 240L wheelie bin too big, please contact us and make an application to swap it for an 80L wheelie bin (fees apply).


My green crate/reycling bin has been lost or damaged - how do I get a new one?

Replacement green crates are available from Council offices for $16 each. Replacement wheelie bins or wheelie bins for new properties can be arranged through Council - phone us on 0800 746 467. Small bins (80L) cost $57, and standard bins (240L) cost $67, plus a $30 delivery fee.


How can I tow my wheelie-bin to the kerbside? 

We know many people live on hills or have long drive ways or both! If you need to tow your wheelie bin to the kerbside by car, you can purchase special wheelie bin tow bar attachments. Talk to one of our Customer Services team for more information.


Still got questions? Call our Customer Services team on 0800 746 467.