Heritage buildings and protected trees funding

Funding is available to encourage and assist with the on-going protection and enhancement of the natural environment and cultural heritage in our district.

The heritage buildings and protected trees funding can assist with the cost of assessments, including heritage assessments, structural engineering assessments (seismic assessment) and tree assessments.

Eligibility for funding

Applications must meet the following criteria:

The item for which funding is sought must have formal protection either through the following schedules of the District Plan or Heritage New Zealand:

  • Schedule 1 – Heritage Buildings; or
  • Schedule 2 – Waahi tapu; or
  • Part A of Schedule 3 – Protected Trees; or
  • Be within the Te Aroha Heritage Character Area; or
  • Be protected by Heritage New Zealand.

Must seek to preserve, maintain or enhance the natural environment or cultural heritage value of the site.


Funding is available for up to maximum of $2,000 per application. Funding approval does not guarantee that a related resource consent application will be approved. Funding for any site or item is only available once per financial year (1st July to 30th June).

Apply for funding

View the Heritage Buildings and Protected Trees 2016 Funding Assistance Policy (pdf, 480KB)

Council staff have the authority to assess applications for funding towards assessments. Funding applications for physical works, resource consent fees or physical work may be considered on a case-by-case basis by Council or its committees. All applications will be dependent on available funding and the decision of Council or its committee is final.

Applications under this Policy must be made prior to work being undertaken and/or consultants/contractors being engaged. The consultant or contractor must be nominated by or otherwise agreed upon with Council. The applicant is responsible for engaging the contractor/ consultant. Upon completion of the assessment/work the applicant is required to submit a copy of the relevant report to Council along with an invoice with attached receipts for the work/assessment.