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Draft General Policies Reserve Management Plan

The Draft General Policies Reserve Management Plan sets objectives and policies which will apply to all reserves managed by Council. The current General Polices Reserve Management Plan was adopted in 2009 and has been reviewed and updated. Both the General Policies Reserve Management Plan 2009 and the Draft General Policies Reserve Management Plan 2019 are available to view on our website as well as at libraries and Council offices in our District.

Any person or organisation may make a submission in respect of the Draft Plan. Submissions should be in writing and received by 22 April 2019. The author should state whether they wish to appear at a hearing in support of their submission. 

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Representation review - final proposal

We are required by law to review our ‘representation arrangements’ at least every six years to ensure our community is fairly and effectively represented. This includes reviewing things like the number of Councillors and wards we have, whether each Councillor represents roughly the same number of people in the district, and whether we should have community boards. We sought community feedback on our initial proposal between 20 June and 20 July 2018. Council then considered all the submissions and developed a final proposal. This was advertised in local papers on 29 August, 2018. Anyone who made a submission on the initial proposal could lodge an appeal against the final proposal, by 30 September 2018. Three appeals were received. The Local Government Commission will now make a determination on our representation arrangements. This is due before 11 April 2019.

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Plan Your Town

We are currently reviewing our District Plan one section at a time. For further information on the sections that have been reviewed or are currently being reviewed, look at the Plan Your Town page.


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