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Wastewater Bylaw (2017) - 6 - On-site wastewater disposal

6. On-site wastewater disposal

6.1 Building consent applications for disposal facilities


Owners of properties who wish to install a Wastewater disposal facility on their property shall apply for a building consent as required by the Building Act 2004.



A building consent application to install a Wastewater disposal facility shall include such details as may be required by the Council to assess its compliance with the Building Code, including, but not limited to: 

  1. the procedures for the testing, commissioning, operation and maintenance of the facility; and 
  2. the size and contours and intended use of the site; and 
  3. soil conditions including permeability and stability; and 
  4. vegetation cover; and 
  5. ground water and surface water conditions; and 
  6.  location of existing and future buildings, Parking areas and driveways; and 
  7. access for maintenance of Septic Tanks and disposal areas; and 
  8. the position of adjacent streams and waterways; and 
  9.  porosity tests on soils of the site.



After considering an application for a building consent, the Council shall grant the consent if it is satisfied on reasonable grounds that the provisions of the Building Code would be met, if the work on the Wastewater Disposal System was completed in accordance with the plans and specifications submitted with the application.



The Council may accept producer statements from Approved Persons for the design and construction of Wastewater Disposal Systems.




The Council shall not provide a Code Compliance Certificate for the drainage work until the Owner has provided the Council with a copy of the as-built plans of the completed installation.





For the design, installation and maintenance of On-site Wastewater Systems the Standard referred to in the Building Industry Authority’s Approved documents may be used.


6.2 Installation of wastewater disposal systems


The installation, alteration or repair of all Wastewater Disposal Systems involving On-site Wastewater Systems and underground pipelines shall be undertaken by a Registered drainlayer.



All Wastewater disposal installations shall be inspected by the Council before being covered or buried. 

The Council may accept producer statements from Approved Persons for the installation of On-site Wastewater Systems.


6.3 Testing and commissioning

New Wastewater disposal facilities shall be tested and commissioned according to any conditions that the Council may include in a building consent.


6.4 Maintenance of Wastewater disposal facilities


The Owner of any property which contains a Wastewater Disposal System shall ensure that access is available at all times to:


  1. the Treatment Plant or On-site Wastewater System so that it can be easily opened for the purposes of cleaning, removal of settled solids and maintenance; and
  2. any disposal field or disposal system so that it can be maintained in good working order.



Wastewater Disposal Systems shall be maintained and operated in such a manner to prevent any discharge of Wastewater onto the surface of any land or into any water body.



Except as otherwise provided in this Bylaw; all property Owners whose property contains a septic tank shall have that tank pumped out to remove all settled solids at least once every 36 months.



Advanced On-site Wastewater Systems shall be maintained in accordance with the producers’ documented maintenance schedules. The Council may upon prior Written application Approve maintenance programmes for advanced On-site Wastewater Systems developed and maintained by suitably qualified and experienced engineers.




Every Person undertaking the removal of settled solids from On-site Wastewater Systems shall comply with the provisions of section 54 of the Health Act 1956.




An Authorised Officer may enter any property and inspect any Septic Tank to check the condition of the tank and to determine whether it has been pumped out in a satisfactory manner.



Property Owners may apply to the Council for an exemption from the requirement of clause 7.4.3 of this Bylaw. The Council may require from the Owner such information as is necessary to determine whether or not to grant an exemption. In granting an exemption the Council may set such conditions as it shall think fit.


6.5 Investigation


An Authorised Officer may undertake such inspections and investigations as are reasonably necessary to establish the dimensions, location and condition of any Wastewater disposal installation.



Where a Wastewater disposal installation is found to be in such a condition that the Council considers that it is unlikely to be operating in compliance with the requirements of the Building Code, or the conditions of a building consent, or in a sanitary and efficient manner, or it is likely to be contaminating a water source, then the Council may require the Owner to:


  1. clean the Septic Tank or pump out any settled solids in the Septic Tank; or 
  2. repair or maintain any Treatment Plant and make the necessary repairs to the Wastewater Disposal system to the satisfaction of the Council.