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Our district is at the Orange setting of the new traffic light system (COVID-19 Protection Framework). Council offices and facilities are open. Please wear face coverings when visiting our facilities.

Our Facilities

Firth Tower

There are loads of activities at Firth Tower Museum

Situated on the doorstep of the Hauraki Rail Trail stands the second concrete structure of New Zealand called "the Tower" built by Auckland entrepreneur Josiah Clifton Firth in 1882. Surrounding the Tower are colonial buildings from around the district bursting with exhibits of the period 1850-1950. This 2.4acre land was once the central point of operations for the 56,000 acres of farming land.

Today visitors from all around the world stay overnight in our self-contained power or non-power sites or spend hours perusing the gardens, exhibits and drinking tea on the Homestead veranda.
Children of all ages including children at heart explore life in the early settlers day interacting in learning experiences such as butter making, washing clothes using a wringer, playing Victorian outdoor games on the lawn or dressing in period costumes for having their photos taken. To join in the recreational adventures visit us at 266 A Tower Road, Matamata or visit our website for further information