Annual Plan

The Annual Plan outlines the services and activities Council will provide in the coming financial year, what it will cost and how it will be paid for.

Digital Enablement Plan (pdf, 360kb)

The Digital Enablement Plan was submitted to central government as part of our bid for broadband and mobile coverage investment in our area. It outlines how we will support broadband/mobile usage and uptake if our bid is successful.

District Plan

The District Plan provides for the sustainable management of the natural and physical resources of the district to ensure it is protected for future generations.

Eastern Waikato Waste Management and Minimisation Plan

This document is our Joint Waste Management and Minimisation Plan with Thames Coromandel and Hauraki District Councils and includes the waste assessment. It sets out how we are going to work together to manage waste over the next 10 years for the benefit of everyone in the community.

Long Term Plan

This plan outlines Council’s activities for the next ten years, providing a long term focus for decision making.

Reserve Management Plans

Reserve Management Plans have been developed to help Council better manage the parks and reserves in the district.