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Council makes decisions that affect everyone in our community. To ensure Council is making decisions that reflect what the community wants and needs, we need your input. Providing us with feedback is one way residents can make a positive contribution to the Matamata-Piako District and help Council to remain fair and effective. Sign up for email notifications about the town, topics or documents that you're interested in. We promise to only send you emails when we have something important to share (i.e. you won't get emails from us every day or every week), and you can subscribe to new lists or unsubscribe as it suits you.

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Draft Annual Plan 2023/24

Council consulted widely on the Long Term Plan in 2021, including a spike in rates this year of 11.8% - largely due to shifting the cost of rubbish collection to rates, instead of rubbish bag sales.  What we didn’t predict at the time was the rapid rise in interest rates, high levels of inflation, staff shortages, and supply issues that everyone is facing right now. Those issues (among others) mean we are now facing a draft total rates increase of 16.9%.

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Past Consultations

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Local Alcohol Policy

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A person driving a car and a speedometer

Draft Speed Management Plan

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Have your say on fees and charges with arrows pointing up and down

Fees and charges 2023/24

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Illustration of a dump truck dropping rubbish at a landfill

Solid Waste Management and Minimisation Bylaw

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The words 'Rates Remission Policy' on a green background

Policies on the Remission and Postponement of Rates

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Plan Change 54 - Papakāinga

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Reimagine Morrinsville Rec

Let's talk about The Rec!

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Hetana Street Reserve

Hetana Street Reserve Classification

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How can we make Thomas Park even better?

Thomas Park

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