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Kaimai Valley Services

Kaimai Valley Services Logo

Kaimai Valley Services (KVS) is the works division of Matamata-Piako District Council. Based in Waihou, KVS coordinate:

Wastewater reticulation

This includes the laying of drains.

Water reticulation

This includes the laying of water mains and pipes.

Parks and Reserves

Includes the mowing and maintenance of all parks, reserves and cemeteries, and maintenance of all gardens.


Safety inspections and general maintenance

Street beautification

Including street sweeping, general maintenance, clearing of rubbish bins

Hot Mix and Chip Seal

Includes sealing work such as entrance ways and tennis courts

Civil Construction Work

Includes earthworks, footpaths and subdivisional development

For more information about any of these activities contact Kaimai Valley Services on 07 884 7043.