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1. Emergency Response

Council has established an Incident Management Team to coordinate with Civil Defence, Ministry of Health and other agencies.

MPDC is also working as part of the Civil Defence Group Emergency Coordination Centre operating out of Hamilton during the August 2021 lockdown. 

This Civil Defence operation’s focus is primarily on welfare – ensuring people are looked after and have access everything they need (food, medication etc) to get through the lockdown.  

The public health response is being led by the Ministry of Health and District Health Boards, but at a local level there is a raft of community support requirements to be managed as the nation deals with the wider wellbeing needs of residents and visitors.​​


Need help? 

If you need help with food, accomodation, power/heating, or medical costs due to COVID-19, help is available. Please call Work and Income on 0800 559 009 7am-6pm (Monday to Friday), or Saturdays 8am-1pm.