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Date Submitted
2021-10-09 14:47:07
Stewart Wadey

Peria Road Reserve (Yellow portion excluding memorial plantings and pathway)

We’re looking at turning Peria Road Reserve into a fenced off-leash area. What do you think?

I support the Peria Road Off leash canine Area proposal . I support any initiative that does enhance the well being to members of my community. I observe good animal welfare especially the bond that is evidently shown, when there is no direct control by leash. I like to add that the four off leash areas currently, are not the domain of just 'retirees' age grouping. East of Burwood Road , housing development is somewhat exponential, to which canine registrations with Council I am sure will concur of a growth in companion canines. Currently, the Council Matamata On Leash Areas Dated November 2016, is regularly not observed on Swap Park including the BMX area. To me it is logical to keep an East Matamata Off Leach designated area in mind.