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Date Submitted
2021-10-10 16:04:54
On behalf of 229 Matamata community members

Peria Road Reserve (Yellow portion excluding memorial plantings and pathway)

We’re looking at turning Peria Road Reserve into a fenced off-leash area. What do you think?

Please record this as 229 individual submissions.

Thank you MPDC for considering a dog park in Matamata.
This has been requested for some time (I personally pitched the idea over ten years ago), so great to see a small step in progress.

MPDC recent Facebook poll shows a great number of locals would benefit for a dog park being created with 526 of 593 voting in favour. (Yes 526 88.70% / No 67 11.30%, correct at 7pm 09/10/2021.

Many locations have been mentioned of the years, Founders, Pohlen, Racecourse, Furness, Swap Park, Peria Road, and I am sure there are more.

It is imperative that the best possible location is selected, to ensure maximum usage.
The current proposed location on Peria Road, has many flaws, and the community have major concerns, including, parking, entry, location beside residential home, location beside farmland.

A recent Facebook poll shows 229 of 330 prefer Swap Park over Peria Road (Swap Park 229 69.40% / Peria Road 101 30.60%, correct at 7pm 09/10/2021

Swap Park has many entry points, plenty of on road and kerbside parking, and if placed at the southern end as previous proposal option 4, is well away from residential homes and the Heli Pad.

As with all ideas, they are bound to have issues, and we are aware of the Swap Park issues, however any competent mayor and council can overcome these with ease.

If build correctly this could become a focal point in the township, and be an attractive entry to the town. Being at Swap Park, locals and visitors could make use of not only the dog park, but also Swap Parks other activities.

With such a high percentage preferring Swap Park, it make sense to ditch the Peria Road location, and re-commit to Swap Park. Ideally this one location would be used, rather than making an official dog park at another location, but more people using the unofficial Swap Park location.

We hope MPDC acknowledge the communities stance on location.