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Off-leash dog areas in Matamata

Map of off leash areas

Consultation closed on 10 October 2021.
Council considered all feedback at a Hearing on 3 November.

Read about the decision here

Off-leash areas are where dogs can run free while still being under verbal control. We currently have four off-leash areas in Matamata located at Furness Reserve, Founders Park, Centennial Drive and Tom Grant Drive. 

We're looking at turning a portion of Peria Road Reserve (excluding the memorial plantings and pathway) into a fenced dog exercise area, to provide another place for dogs to have a good run around off-leash.

These maps show the proposed changes - click the maps to zoom in. The yellow area is the proposed area to be added, and the pink areas are the current off-leash areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does this include? Will there be water fountains, bench seats, doggy bags, etc?

There are no specific plans at the moment for water fountains, bench seats, doggy bags etc but Council plans to look into additional features across all of our dog off-leash areas within the next couple of years.

What people are saying about the proposed changes:

Submitter NameDate
Hannah annesley2021-09-07 18:07:14View submission
Finn2021-09-07 18:03:55View submission
James Buchanan2021-09-07 18:02:54View submission
Derek Bown2021-09-07 18:00:50View submission
Margaret Ager-Belton2021-09-07 18:00:50View submission
Billie Naessens2021-09-07 18:00:24View submission
Fatine Zoraja 2021-09-07 17:56:52View submission
Sophie 2021-09-07 17:56:35View submission
Danielle Christiansen2021-09-07 16:12:09View submission
Aliccia2021-09-07 14:46:19View submission
Juliet Henderson2021-09-07 14:35:53View submission
Shauni Blake2021-09-07 14:34:43View submission