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Off-leash dog areas in Te Aroha


Consultation closed on 10 October 2021.
Council considered all feedback at a Hearing on 3 November.

Read about the decision here

Off-leash areas are where dogs can run free while still being under verbal control. We currently have two off-leash areas in Te Aroha (see map below); the boat ramp area (red) and the Spur Street Esplanade (pink).

We’re looking at turning part of the reserve on Spur Street (yellow A) into a fenced dog exercise area and expanding the current Spur Street Esplanade area (yellow B) to give dogs more space to have a good run around off-leash. 

We’re also looking at removing the boat ramp reserve (red), turning it from an off-leash area to an on-lead area, as it's prone to flooding and has the Hauraki Rail Trail running through it. 

This map shows the proposed changes - click the map to zoom in. In pink and red are the current off-leash areas, in red is the proposed area to be removed and in yellow are the proposed areas to be added.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does this include? Will there be water fountains, bench seats, doggy bags, etc?

The proposal at this stage is for a fenced off-leash area (part of the reserve on Spur St) that Council will mow and for a community group to look after the expanded esplanade area. There are no specific plans at the moment for water fountains, bench seats, doggy bags etc but Council plans to look into additional features across all of our dog off-leash areas within the next couple of years.

What people are saying about the proposed changes:

Submitter NameDate
Peter Forrest2021-10-12 14:35:03View submission
Anthony Watts2021-10-12 14:33:19View submission
Brett and Julie-Anne Smyth2021-10-12 08:54:05View submission
Zayne Cale2021-10-12 08:48:47View submission
Peter Forrest2021-10-12 08:26:52View submission
Julie Blanks2021-10-11 07:47:47View submission
Erica Loneko2021-10-10 19:43:25View submission
Keep Te Aroha Beautiful2021-10-10 18:21:12View submission
Ingrid Naude2021-10-10 17:58:47View submission
Julie Dufty 2021-10-10 11:04:40View submission
Gordon Wood (Chairman Kenwyn Trust)2021-10-09 21:39:04View submission
Gordon Wood (Chairman Kenwyn Trust02021-10-09 21:26:50View submission
Pamela Rudolph2021-10-09 09:40:05View submission
Shara Sutton it2021-10-08 15:34:12View submission
Kevin White 2021-10-08 09:34:28View submission