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Matamata Aerodrome Fees and Charges

Matamata-Piako District Council as owner and operator of the aerodrome makes the facility available for general use subject that Matamata-Piako District Council does not warrant that all amenities associated with the airfield are suitable for all aircraft under all conditions and are used at the absolute discretion and risk of the pilot and/or operator of the aircraft. 


Casual Landing Fees

Type of Charge


Recreational operator – direct credit - per landing/movement (paid within the month, Maximum of $10 per day) $10
Recreational operator – cash - per landing/movement (Maximum of $20 per day) $20
Recreational operator – invoiced - per landing/movement (Maximum of $40 per day) $42
Commercial operator – cash/ direct credit- per landing/movement (paid within the month if by direct credit, Maximum $15 per day) $20
Commercial operator – invoiced - per landing/movement  (Maximum of $40 per day) $42
Note: The first of any of the following types of movements are charged at landing rates: landing, touch and go, approach and go
Annual Landing/Movement Fee - recreational users (non-commercial, per year) $141
Aircraft parking (per day / 24 hours) $6


Direct banking can be made to account 02 - 0436 - 0021611 - 000. Please include your aircraft's registration, PIC & date of operation. Direct bank & cash (by the on-site honesty box) payments must be made within 10 days or will revert to the charge rate.

MPDC may use any method for data collection, including but not limited to recording radio transmissions, visual observation and camera imaging. Such data may be used for airfield operational, search & rescue or other officially authorised purpose. However it will not be passed to any third party for commercial purposes.

The registered aircraft operator as per the CAA register at the time of an aircraft movement is liable for all fees which will be billed to that operator.

If a pilot fails to properly identify their aircraft in accordance with the CAA aviation regulations, the appropriate authorities may be advised. In the event that an operator incurs overdue charges, that operator may be prohibited from use of the facility excepting for emergency in the interest of safety. These charges contribute to the viable operation of the airfield and do not reflect the total cost. They are made with the interests of all aviators and avoidance puts the facility in jeopardy.

Landing Charges are applicable to any:

  • Landing
  • Touch & go
  • Approach & go round
  • Missed approach

All other aircraft must remain clear of the runway whilst those activities above are being conducted. Courtesy to others is expected from all participants.

CAA aerodrome / airfield rules apply to the facility and circuit area.