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Legal Highs Policy - have your say

Council’s Legal Highs Policy (Local Approved Products Policy) is a set of policy criteria and decisions made in consultation with its community which may restrict the location of premises selling psychoactive products in its district.

We are required to review the Legal Highs Policy every five years. The Council is proposing to continue with its Policy to proactively regulate the sale of approved products (psychoactive substances) within the district. The Policy contains provisions to protect the community including: a 300 metre distance restriction between retail premises selling legal highs and a 25 metre distance restriction from sensitive sites including churches, preschools, schools and community facilities.

Whilst there are no legal “legal highs” that are legally available for sale in New Zealand, Council still thinks it’s a good idea to continue to have this Policy in place so that there are rules about where a premises may be located.

Council is proposing to keep the Legal Highs Policy (Local Approved Products Policy) and adopt minor amendments to assist in clarity.

To find out more, you can find our Statement of Proposal and the Draft Legal Highs Policy (Local Approved Products Policy) here.

This consultation is open between 21 March 2024 and 21 April 2024.

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