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Morrinsville Recreation Ground

The Morrinsville Recreation Ground is a large park (22ha) located in south western Morrinsville, between Avenue Road South and Cureton Street. The park caters for a wide range of activities including the Morrinsville heated pools, tennis courts, and cricket and football fields. The western half of the area contains a polo field. A small skate bowl is located in the north east corner of the site. The Morrinsville River Walk runs along the Waitakaruru Stream on the eastern boundary of the site. Over 2021/22 we worked with the Morrinsville community on a Master Plan for the recreations grounds. This plan provides the overall vision for how the Rec will be developed - with strong feedback from the community that we should prioritise developing a pathway for pedestrians and cyclists. 

Morrinsville Recreation Ground Site Map  (pdf, 875KB)

Master plan - long term vision for Morrinsville Rec  

Swim Zone Morrinsville

Swim Zone Morrinsville is located on the Morrinsville Recreation Ground. The pools are open from mid November until mid March and includes -

  • A main outdoor pool (50m x 15.5m)
  • A learners pool (15.5 m x 6.2m)
  • A paddling pool (triangular in shape - 14.5 m long)


The tennis facilities include 9 courts, 3 of which are available for public use. The Tennis Club is the sole occupier of the facilities and clubrooms.  

Football (or soccer)

There are 3 senior football fields and 3 junior fields.


There are 3 cricket blocks and 2 cricket practice nets.


The southern area of the recreation ground is used for polo. This area is also used by the A&P Society for their annual show. Adjacent to the polo field is the polo clubrooms. Dogs may be exercised off their leashes in this area of the recreation ground (when there is no horse activity).

Fire brigade

The Fire Brigade train in the area south of the tennis courts. They use the ground a couple of times a week during their training period (October - end of February).

Vintage machinery

The Vintage Machinery Association use the reserve every three years.


The campground is closed to the public, and only opened upon request.