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Te Aroha Business Development

The property Council has purchased at 25 Waihou Road

About this project

We are currently in the process of purchasing a property at 25 Waihou Road.

Over recent years we have identified the need for more light industrial zoned land in Te Aroha to support the continued economic growth of the town – however, there has been no suitable land available.

When the land on Waihou Road was recently listed on the market, we took the opportunity to purchase the property, and are now investigating the feasibility of rezoning and developing this land for light industrial use (such as timber and hardware sales, farm supply services, trade workshops etc).

Development of the site is by no means a done deal – purchasing the land is just the first step. We’ll develop a business case before deciding how to proceed. If we do proceed with a development, we would also need to complete a District Plan change, rezoning the land. Neighbours and other affected parties will all have the opportunity to raise concerns or objections, or to share their support for the project as part of this process.

Right now, we’re still in the very early investigation phase, so we don’t have much information to share. But we'll continue to add information and updates to this page as the project progresses. You can also sign up to receive updates directly to your inbox (choose the Te Aroha Industrial option, under Projects). 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Council acting as a developer?

For now we have only purchased the property and are completing investigation work into the feasibility of developing the land.

While MPDC hasn't undertaken a development like this in some time, it is not unusual for Councils to purchase and develop land to help support economic growth. We have done this in Matamata in the past. Another nearby example is Hauraki District Council's industrial park at Kerepehi.

Project Phases

Property purchase/settlement

Business case/investigation of industrial development

District Plan Change

Physical works (e.g. earthworks, roads)