recycling crate

Your green crate is for glass only (clear, brown, blue, green). No broken glass.

Note that we don't recycle light bulbs and fluorescent tubes, pyrex dishes and ovenware, china and crockery, cups, saucers, plates, drinking glasses, window glass, opal glass, glass bricks, medical and laboratory containers, TV tubes and computer screens. Why? Because New Zealand's glass furnaces can't process this type of glass.

Replacement green crates are available from Council offices for $16.


wheelie bin


Your wheelie bin is for clean plastic (1-7), tins/cans, paper and cardboard

Do not put liquids, rubbish, ceramics, crockery, porcelain, hot ashes, ovenware, food waste, polystyrene, bubble wrap, garden waste, electrical goods, engine oil bottles, automotive parts, disposable nappies, or paint and chemicals in your bin or it will not be collected.

For FAQs and other information on the changes to recycling go to

Replacement wheelie bins or wheelie bins for new properties can be arranged through Council - phone us on 0800 746 467. Small bins (80L) cost $58, and standard bins (240L) cost $68, plus a $31 delivery fee.


Recycling Plastics

The chart below shows what plastics can be recycled, common examples, and what the things you are recycling might end up as.

Symbol Plastic Type Common Uses Possible End Use
Recycling symbol 1 PET
(Polyethylene Terephthalate)
Soft drink and water bottles, salad domes, biscuit trays, salad dressing and peanut butter containers Pillow and sleeping bag filling, clothing, soft drink bottles, carpet
recycling sumbol 2 PE-HD
(High Density Polyethylene)
milk bottles, ice cream containers, juice bottles, shampoo, detergent bottles, buckets, milk crates Recycling bins, compost bins, buckets, detergent containers, posts, fencing, pipe
recycling sumbol 3 PVC-U
(Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride
Cosmetic containers, blister packs, bottles Flooring, film and sheets, cables, speed bumps, packaging, binders, mud flaps and mats
recycling sumbol 4 PE-LD
(Low density Polyethylene
squeeze bottles
Rubbish bin liners, pallet sheets
recycling sumbol 5 PP
ice cream tubs, potato chip bags, straws, microwavable dishes,  lunch boxes
Pegs, bins, pipes, pallet sheets, oil funnels, car battery cases, trays
recycling sumbol 6


Note: this refers to a type of plastic, not the packaging material/

CD cases, plastic cutlery, imitation 'crystal glassware', low cost brittle toys, video cases Coat-hangers, coasters, whiteware, components, stationery trays and accessories
recycling sumbol 7 Other - letters below the symbol indicate the ISO code for the plastic type

packaging, squeezable bottle

Car parts, concrete aggregate, plastic timber

Please note that class 6 ‘Polystyrene’ refers to a type of plastic, not the white packaging material most people know as polystyrene. This is not recyclable.
For more information contact Customer Services on 0800 746 467.