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Tom Grant Drive

The playground on Tom Grant Drive

Tom Grant Drive is the extension of Centennial Drive, continuing through the residential area of Matamata. This part of the drive is newer, with fewer developed trees, but featuring several beautiful gardens and a children's playground. Tom Grant Drive is an ideal walk for the whole family, with plenty of places to spread out a picnic blanket and enjoy some time together. However, there is no track or path - people generally walk along the road or grass. The drive is managed and maintained by a committee of volunteers with contributions from Council.

The reserve was recently renamed after Tom Grant who generously donated land in Matamata for the community to enjoy.

Tom Grant Drive can be accessed either from Rawhiti Avenue or Tawari Street.



Time 30 mins
Distance 1.2km
Track Rating N/A
Conveniences Picnic and car parking area, children's playground, dog exercise area, park benches.
Special Attractions Enjoy open space and semi trees


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